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Jrock Bitch -> Let your frustrations out, bitch about anything from the fans to a band's newest album. All bitching is accepted!!

.:: 1 ::.
DO NOT personally attack people. If you want to bitch about a fan, bitch about them without specifically referring to them. We don't need people throwing a hussy fit and shutting this journal down.

.:: 2 ::.
Do NoT TyPe LyKe Dis. I'm sure all of you have passed middle school English.

.:: 3 ::.
Do not look like a retard bitching. Seriously, if you're going to bitch, bitch with common sense because someone is probably going to jump down your throat.

.:: 4 ::.
If you feel like you are going to offend the wide masses then put the entry as friend's only.

.:: 5 ::.
When debating, debate like you have intelligence. Saying shit like LOL U SUX STFU DIRU ROX U COX SUKER is like... retarded and if you continuously do that shit we'll ban you! D:

Enjoy and let the bitching commence!