People on forums piss me off

They are elitists who think they are sooooo much better than everyone else because they have 1836836384658+ posts and "know" everything about everything. They think they "own" people by saying things like "win!" or "this thread fails." They call people pathetic "fangirls" or "japanophiles" or "wapanese" other stupid made-up words. They try to play it cool by pretending not to be into certian genres or bands as much as everyone else is. They claim to like certain bands, but then go around and critize those bands to no end. They cannot draw a line between an opinion and a fact. They say mean things to people and then say "oh that was just sarcasm. your an idiot for not knowing that" as if sarcasm on the INTERNET is so easy to tell. They pretend to be so cool and elite and smart and above all the rest of the fans.

But let me tell you something...


These people have no right to behave the way they do. What are they doing with their lives that give them so much free time to waste on forums? Obviously they are sitting alone in their rooms night and day downloading music and lashing out at other fans. School? Probably dropped out. Work? Probably still living at home so their mommys take care of them.They need to get their asses off of batsu and jref and gaia and go outside and GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I'm going a little far. And I don't mean to offend anyone, epescially the forum frequenters, but I must say, who are these people? They judge others by the internet. They use the internet to swell their already inflated egos. They are pretentious and just put down others because they know deep inside how pathetic they really are. Now, fangirls are indeed annoying, but forum snobs are by far worse! Sometimes I feel that I'm the only one that sees that and it makes me sad. It's also upsetting and aggrivating when the normals and newbies on forums suck up to the bitches. Why do they do this? Fear of being ostricized? They want to be "cool" on the forum? They hope to one day reach to almighty status of forum frequenter? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!?

Not everyone on forums are bad. There are those nice folks who are friendly and upload stuff. There are nice ones who will help people out or will gently correct a n00b's stupidness. Even a few of those 87345985723485734+ posts people aren't so bad. I admit I go on forums. However, I do not pretend to act all snobby or elite. Hell, I've been a member of batsu since freakin 2005 and I still have less than 100 posts! It's because I have better things to do with my life than bully people online!!!!!!

Forums suck, people are jerk offs, and then everyone wonders why the jrock fanbase has a bad rep. WELL WHEN HALF THE FANBASE ARE SOCIALLY INEPT DICKS AND THE OTHER HALF ARE IMMATURE KIDS, WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE EXPECT?!?!!?!?!?

GAH! I'm done.

Oh, by the way, my name is Kat and I'm new to this community. Nice to meet you all! ^_^
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Hehe well i'm new but somehow I think all my bitches would prove rather boring as they are mainly about my lovelife [the bad half!]. Still if you wanna hear 'em all you need to do is say ^_^ I just want a different jrock-orientated-kinda-thing to join. Anyways hi :D
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Jrock Bitch needs a icon and some layout theme artist thingy!

So who wants to do an icon? Or who do you guys want for the layout. Mind you, this layout band people are going to be the main thing for like a few months so choose wisely. :D
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I thought I would add a bitch fest of my own...

What is the worst part about joining a JRock RPG community. THE FANGIRLS/BOYS! WTF? I was on this community and apparently I didn't fit the criteria that was set for Toshiya and the other muns gave me so much shit about it and the attacked me and accused me of being someone that I was not. What did this ultimately lead to? I was asked to leave the community. Why? I don't have a fucking clue. I was so pissed that I felt I need to vent. These girls sit on their asses and read every translated interview in the book and then talk about them as if they know the person in reality. Oh my god! I can't stand that. I've read plenty of interviews and seen lots of stuff but I don't pretend that I know Toshiya. I play him as I percieve. A real human being that's not always happy go-lucky and excited but with emotion as well. They play an image and they think they're right because..."they've read interviews." >=[

Then what's worse is the fanboys. I was going to take over Toshiya in another comm and wouldn't you know I said something he didn't like so he argued with me when I tried to explain myself and then just gave up. It was worth it. He hit back by saying: "I am Toshiya of Cruel Moonliht and I will go on being Toshiya" O_O What the hell is that shit? Do I enjoy role playing. Definately. Do I enjoy being told that I lack creativity because I don't play a character how they want me too? Hell no.

I HATE FANGIRLS/BOYS! *kills them all*
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