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La Rant du... rantaphonia! [Feb. 20th, 2005|10:06 pm]
Jrock Bitch ~ Let the Frustration Out! ~

[Current Mood |annoyedannoyed]

Well, this is just a minor bitch fest:

I'm sick and tired of poser fans. I mean, those fans that THINK they know EVERYTHING about band and/or act like they've been a fan for years yet they heard them last week and think buying up their discography makes them a true fan. Those people just piss me the fuck off! There's a certain someone @ a pura community here on LJ that makes me want to like break things. She's been into pura for no less than a few months and already she's ranting about how Pura is not emo music and how she wants to buy up their first pressings. PLEASE.

Also, fans that fawn over a band because they look cool in makeup are also shitty. What the hell? I mean, seriously, isn't a BAND a group of people that play INSTRUMENTS and not a group of people running around in dresses? I'm tired of hearing/reading about how cool and sexy Hyde is instead of hearing/reading about how great (or bad, which is probably the case) his latest single is. omg, people need stfu and listen to MUSIC instead of buying their latest photobook >_<.

anyway, its late and i need sleep 8D thanks for reading, lol
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ugh. [Feb. 18th, 2005|09:19 pm]
Jrock Bitch ~ Let the Frustration Out! ~
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ok, my first bitch will be about fanfics.

I'm an avid fanfic fan and I'm not easily offended when it comes to OOC characters, but there is one thing that has been making me damn near homicidal bothering me for quite a while now...
Fics in which the writer characterizes a jrocker as a rapist.

I mean, turning them into junkies is bad enough, but rapists?
Don't those people have any respect for these artists?
I guess you could argue about the lack of respect of fanfiction in general, but I'm like: sex = good. rape = bad, so I can't really see any problems with 'normal' smutty fics...
anyhoo, moving on...

I also noticed that it's always the same people who get characterized like this. Take Hakuei for example. I must have come across at least 5 different fics in which he was either an abusive boyfriend or someone who drugs people to have their way with them. I am just so effing pissed off by this.

I actually read one fic (and I'm not naming any) with a disclaimer that said something like: "I don't know much about Hakuei, so I have no idea if he's OOC or not." In the aforementioned fic, Hakuei proceeded to spike Dir en Grey's Kaoru's drink, which was followed by some 'nice' non-con.
I really don't get these people. You'd assume they'd write these fics because they're fans, right?
My definition of a fan is someone who admires and respects their object of fangirlness, which in this case would be certain jrockers.

A lot of jrockers are asking to be written about. It's like they're daring us to imagine them doing various R-rated things with the amount of fanservice they're providing.
However, it goes without saying that this doesn't mean we can just portray them in any way we want. Of course, we could, but I'm kind of counting on the average ficwriter's moral sense to restrain themselves a bit. I like edgy fics, but some things just go too far.

I mean, if you dig non-con and you like writing rape scenes, at least try to find the decency to use fictional characters.

I think I stayed awfully nice throughout this little rant of mine

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(no subject) [Feb. 15th, 2005|02:28 pm]
Jrock Bitch ~ Let the Frustration Out! ~

[Current Music |cali gari - fuyu no hi]


Let the bitching commense! If you have something that just frustrates you about the Jrock community, rant or debate about it here! Of course, you've read the rules before hand :D
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